Opening Remarks by Commissioner Stella Kyriakides at European Parliament Event

Commissioner Stella Kyriakides participated at “A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health in Europe”, an event organized by the European Parliament.

In her speech, Commissioner Kyriakides stated that “mental health is more than ever a public health challenge”, especially keeping in mind recent, alarming data from the last December’s “Health at a Glance” report, which revealed that depression rates have doubled among young people and that young Europeans report their mental health needs being unmet.

The first ever EU comprehensive approach to mental health, which will be presented this year in June, offers an opportunity to “act and respond to tangible expectations” from European citizens. It must be noted that many important initiatives have been implemented by the Commission over the last 25 years in the area of mental health which have been successful, but more need to be done, with the joint efforts of the European Parliament, NGOs and Member States.

You can find the speech in full here: