Darkness into Light Initiative

This Saturday, on 6th of May, more than 200 global sunrise walks took place in order to raise awareness about suicide, self-harm and depression. Around the globe, across 15 countries spanning 5 continents, people rose early and took part in the Darkness into Light initiative, which was also held in Luxemburg and Brussels with the aim to end the stigma around mental health problems and suicide, start conversations and spread hope to those who need it most. The sunrise walks, alongside with lit candles, are meant to represent hope and offer support to those who are struggling with thoughts of suicide or have lost loved ones to suicide. It is a symbolic way of showing there is light after darkness. There were also numerous other ways to get involved besides participating in the joint walk, such as running, jogging, swimming and kayaking; a “5k a day in May” challenge is also an option to show your support for this initiative.

Furthermore, you can always support your local suicide prevention services by donating.

More information can be found here: Darkness into Light  Darkness Into Light – Belgium | Facebook Currently browsing Agora Network – EU Health Policy Platform (europa.eu)

A new Communication on a comprehensive approach to mental health is currently being developed by the European Commission, expected to be adopted next month, which will also address suicide prevention.