First Annual Consortium Meeting

ZAGREB, October 17-18th 2022

We are proud to announce that our First Annual Consortium Meeting is approaching!

This very important internal meeting will be held on October 17th and 18th in Zagreb, Croatia.

The two days of the Annual Consortium meeting will give us a unique opportunity to deep dive in the challenges and opportunities/success stories generated by the 2 best practices implementation and further national activities across the 20 countries (17 EU Member States, 2 EEA countries and 1 EU candidate country) that are benefiting from the ImpleMENTAL Joint Action.

The overall aim of this meeting is to facilitate the JA best practices and address bottlenecks early enough ahead of the second year of implementation to pave the way for a successful Joint Action programme and implementation.

Although this is an internal (closed) meeting, we will happily publish the results of the meeting, disseminate the most important information and conclusions, and inform the general public about the progress of Joint Action ImpleMENTAL, as well as important future steps.

Venue: Hotel Dubrovnik, Gajeva 1, Zagreb, Croatia

First Annual Consortium Meeting Agenda – Zagreb 2022