Kick-off meeting in Malta

Mental Health Services within the Ministry for Health organised a Kick-Off meeting on the 26th September as part of the Joint Action ImpleMENTAL. The participants included important stakeholders from Health sector and also from entities outside health, NGOs and service users.

During the seminar an overview of the Joint Action was given with special focus on the technical work packages that Malta is participating and implementing namely; WP5 – Elements of the Belgian Best Practice and WP6 – the drafting of a National Suicide Prevention Strategy, the latter being supported by the Austrian Best Practice-SUPRA.

Experts by experience were involved in Work Package 5 and they have conducted focus groups with service users and the outcomes and suggestions emanating from these focus groups were presented during the seminar.

There were two break-out sessions using the world café method in which the two themes were discussed and the information provided will be analysed.

This seminar provided a platform for stakeholders to network and to create synergies auguring future collaboration to improve the lives of persons with mental health problems clearly illustrating the adage that Mental Health is Everybody’s Business.