SANA has officially started!

Work Package 5 and 6 have the same task – conducting a country-specific situation analysis & needs assessment (SANA) in each participating country.

The SANA questionnaire is a very detailed tool partly based on WHO Menatal Health Atlas 2020. Its main aim is to collect nationally relevant data that should provide an overview of the main features of the mental health system, available services, community-based care in the country, suicide and self-harm. It will also make specific gaps visible, e.g. regarding policy, availability of services, or data. 

The questionnaire was developed in joint work between Work Packages 5 and 6 with input from Work Package 3 (Evaluation) and finalised in June following consultations with the participating partner countries during dedicated workshops. Although Work Packages 5 and 6 refer to the implementation of two different good practices – on community-based mental health services (WP5) and suicide prevention (WP6), the first part of SANA is common. The questionnnaire also includes questions that are specific to the topical focus each Work Package.

This general part of SANA  consists of questions on demography (incl. socio-economic indicators and burden of diseases), policy and legislative framework, funding, service availability/utilisation (for adults and children/adolescents), mental health integration into primary healthcare, the workforce in mental health, and social support.

Participating countries are invited to fill in this specific part of the SANA questionnaire by mid-September.