The 2nd Meeting of the Pan-European Mental Health Coalition “Local Action, Regional Transformation” & the Annual Conference of “The Social Inclusion of Persons with Mental Disabilities” Project in Turkey

Pan-European Mental Health Coalition 

In 2021, more than 150 million people in the WHO European Region live with a mental health condition, and only 1 in 3 people living with depression receive the care they need. To address these gaps in mental health services and support, many of which have been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO/Europe has launched a new Pan-European Mental Health Coalition. 

Launched on 30 September 2021 in Brussels, the Coalition is a partnership dedicated to improving mental health across the WHO European Region. It will target gaps in mental health services by gathering national leaders, professionals, members of civil society, representatives of international organizations and experts to collaborate on bringing mental health out of the shadows and into the mainstream. 

Coalition work is organized around six working packages, the completion of which corresponds to successful implementation of the EFAMH: 1. mental health leadership 2. mental health and well-being of children, adolescents and young people 3. mental health and well-being of older adults 4. mental health in the workplace 5. mental health in emergencies 6. mental health service transformation 

The 2nd Meeting of the Pan-European Mental Health Coalition “Local Action, Regional Transformation” took place on 23-24 November 2022 in Ankara, Turkey (Hybrid meeting).

Vasileia Konte JA ImpleMENTAL Coordinator, participated as a panelist in the session Mental health leadership: Promoting skills to transform leaders on November 23rd and provided a presentation “JA ImpleMENTAL: Transformational change, mental health leadership is necessary and possible”

Joint Action on Implementation of Best Practices in the area of Mental Health, JA ImpleMENTAL, is an EU-Commission initiative funded by the European Union’s 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020) started on 1st October 2021) that will run for three years. It is coordinated at a European and national level by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO Greece) involving 39 participating organizations, 21 competent authorities and 19 affiliated entities from 21 EU/EEA countries. The project aims to support member states, i.e., project partners, in the transfer and pilot implementation of two selected of best practices in the field of mental health system reform from Belgium and suicide prevention from Austria. More than 25 pilot implementations will take place across the participating countries

Proven leadership in JA ImpleMENTAL project level  is the actual creation of the Network with so many diverse stakeholders with clear roles and effective cooperation within  teams : 6 work package lead teams, 21 country coordinators, a large internal team of more than 135 team members from different disciplines, 19 representatives from National Ministries, a core Stakeholder Forum with nominated representatives of EUCOMS, EUFAMI, Eurohealthnet, GAMIAN-Europe, IASP, MHE,  EAAD, EUPHA Public mental health section, ENUSP & EPA, a close cooperation  WHO Europe  and of course all of these activities are under the umbrella  of HaDeA and DG SANTE . One of our main objectives is to empower Country Coordinators in order to build effective teams on country levels with the involvement of all key players.

The JA ImpleMENTAL Network is the key instrument through which we will achieve the Joint Action key objectives.

Provision leadership training to core member of the Network can enhance the work of the JA ImpleMENTAL on project and country level.