Workshop “Suicide prevention hotlines”

The second training within the ImpleMENTAL’s Work package 6 (WP6 – Suicide prevention), “Suicide prevention hotlines” is an opportunity to exchange experiences from various countries in this field. The workshop will take place online (via Zoom) on 25th November 9-12:30 MET.

The workshop is intended for everyone, NOT ONLY JA ImpleMENTAL/WP6 participants. It might be interesting for representatives of: policy-making-institutions (e.g. ministries), service providers (e.g. regional hotline providers), research, people with lived experience, IT-experts (Telecom experts), and any other people interested in the topic.  

Registration link for the workshop on 25th November (please register until 23.11):

More information

The aim of the workshop is to exchange experiences from different countries (Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Iceland and Greece) on running crisis hotlines (telephone or chat) with a special focus on dealing with somebody being acutely suicidal and also on the topic of merging several hotlines into one. We would like to reflect on what works/worked and what does not in the particular countries, how to promote implementation of suitable measures and we seek for present perspectives from different fields – policy, practice and research. 

We look forward to your participation!

Feel free to share the information and the registration link above with persons you think might be interested in this topic.