World Autism Awareness Day

Every year on April 2, since 2008, we celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, an internationally recognized event dedicated to increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism.

The “Light it Up Blue” campaign encourages people to light up their homes and communities with blue lights, in order to raise awareness about the autistic individuals throughout the world.

Throughout Europe, countries are holding various events in order to raise awareness and mark the 16th annual World Autism Awareness Day. Below you can find some examples how JA ImpleMENTAL countries are participating in #Autismday2023:




How can you honor and participate in World Autism Awareness Day? Go and visit iconic buildings and landmarks, which are Light it up Blue in your city, wear or illuminate something in blue, and upload a photo of it on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

And don’t forget to use the hashtag #Autismday2023