World Mental Health Day in Sweden

For World Mental Health Day the Public Health Agency of Sweden has decided to focus on this year’s theme of making well-being for all a global priority. We have produced a series of short films that picks up on this theme, and target mainly professionals, directing them to the knowledge we provide on our website.

The films are being spread in social media channels such as Twitter and Linkedin. Further, we have a campaign on Facebook and Instagram, which is more directed to the general public to raise awareness about the day and what everyone can do to promote their own and others mental well-being.

The posts are linked to our new website for the general public focusing on mental well-being and promotion of positive mental health and mental health literacy We will also be publishing a news article to spread knowledge about World Mental Health Day. Many organisations in Sweden on local and regional levels are also organizing special events, for example addressing stigma.

#WorldMentalHealthDay #JAImpleMENTAL