World Mental Health Day in Croatia

On October 7, 2022, the final meeting of the Help To (PoMoZi Da) 2020-2022 Mental Health literacy educational program was held at the Academia Hotel in Zagreb. The Help To (PoMoZi Da) educational program was developed as part of the Healthy Living project of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, co-financed by the European Social Fund as part of the Operational Program Effective Human Potential 2014-2020, element of Health Education, sub-element of Mental Health. It is intended for educators in primary and secondary schools in the Republic of Croatia.

The educational program and materials were developed based on a survey of the health literacy of educational workers in the field of mental health of children and young people in cooperation with a group of experts from the academic, clinical, teaching and public health field. The program was developed in the period from 2018-2019, and its implementation began in 2020.

Welcome speeches were given by distinguished guests:
Ph.D. Vesna Vučemilović, president of the Committee for Family, Youth and Sports of the Croatian Parliament, prim. Vera Katalinić-Janković, MD, special adviser to the Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, M.Sc. sc. Vesna Šerepac, Director of the Directorate for Education, Ministry of Science and Education, Ph.D. Dubravka Brezak Stamać, Director of the Education Agency, Mrs. Anu Dautović, Deputy Head of the UNCEF Office for Croatia, and the gathering was greeted in front of the Croatian Institute of Public Health by Dr. sc. Ivana Pavić Šimetin, deputy director.

The meeting also attended the adviser to the president of the Republic of Croatia for education, Jadranka Žarković

From the very beginning the Help To program has been successfully implemented in cooperation with CARNET and the Education Agency. their support in promoting and implementing the program.

The Help To program is carried out by trained experts from county public health institutes, and at the meeting we ceremoniously awarded 30 diplomas of 3P educators from 15 county public health institutes.

As part of the lecture by Ph.D. Ljiljana Muslić, clinical psychologist, head of the Help To program, reminded us of the development, goals and content of the program, and Martina Markelić, sociologist, on behalf of the coordination and implementation monitoring team, gave an overview of the implementation results of the program. And finally, Ph.D. Ljiljana Muslić, with the help of members of the working group and team, presented the preliminary results of the evaluation.

As part of looking at the future, the need to ensure the sustainability of the program was emphasized and the forthcoming financial support of the UNICEF Croatia Office for the period of 18 months 2023/2024 was presented.

This program is very important part of Mental Health promotion and suicide prevention activities in Croatia.

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