WP 5 finalised the Analytical Framework

Work Package 5 that focuses on the transfer and pilot implementation of the Belgian best-practice model of reform of mental health service delivery, finalised the Analytical Framework, one of its key documents.

The Analytical Framework builds the conceptual basis for the development and implementation of the tasks in WP5, providing a common framework on important aspects to be taken into account in selecting, transferring and piloting elements of the Belgian practice model and describing the methodological approach to guide the implementation of the WP5 tasks.

The target readers and users of this Analytical Framework are the experts and staff members of the partner institutions in the WP5 participating countries who have a role to play in the planning, development and implementation of mental health service delivery and will be involved in piloting the elements of the Belgian practice model in their country. It is expected that this document will serve as an overall guiding document for the implementation of WP5, in particular providing a rationale and a basis for pilot implementation of the Belgian practice.

In addition, the AF might concern other stakeholders interested in the issues of community-based mental health care and the implementation of WP5.

You can see the full document here.