WP2 coordination meeting on communication activities

On the 24th of March 2023, WP2 Lead and Co-lead teams are organizinga WP2 coordination meeting on communication activities. The aim of this meeting is to share dissemination activities, best practices and experiences from participating countries with their colleagues that would like to improve in this area, and also to present best ways of communication and dissemination.

After brief welcome from JA ImpleMENTAL coordinator, Vasileia Konte, Danijela Štimac Grbić and Bernadett Bulyovszky will give an introduction on WP2 milestones and deliverables followed by presentations about Communication tools and Ideas for localised dissemination. We will also have external speakers who will present EU Health Policy platform, and experts from JADECARE project who will talk about Method of co-creation, Structure and importance of the dissemination strategy – key points, Co-creation and stakeholder engagement, JADECARE website and content creation.

Furthermore, all participating countries will present their work regarding dissemination so far. The documents and materials from the Workshop will be available on JA ImpleMENTAL website in the upcoming days.

We want to thank all participating countries for contributing to the discussion by sharing their experience!