WP6 First Workshop

A first workshop regarding suicide prevention of the JA ImpleMENTAL was held on 1st and 2nd of February 2022.

It was aimed at creating strong common foundations for suicide prevention activities across partners as well as promoting (first) tangible steps towards more robust suicide prevention activities at national/regional level.

Even if the situation in the participating countries differs in terms of current challenges faced, the level of the policy response as well as the achievements made so far, there is a shared need and commitment to push developments in this area forward.

Nearly 60 participants from 16 European countries – inspired by the Austrian best practice SUPRA, presented in detail by Alexander Grabenhofer-Eggerth from GÖG/Austria – discussed what might be their first, quick and feasible actions for suicide prevention and how to establish a strategic and long-term cooperation of actors promoting these actions on a regional and national level.

Sylvia Gaiswinkler, also from GÖG/Austria, together with Alexander Grabenhofer-Eggerth, shared their practical experience with formulating and supporting implemention of a national strategy on suicide prevention. All countries participating in the JA ImpleMENTAL WP6 aim to learn from each other.

Another part of the workshop, lead by Alexandr Kasal from the National Institute of Mental Health in Czechia, was therefore dedicated to exchanging experience and providing first guidance on how to conduct a situation analysis and needs assessment (SANA) in relation to suicide and suicide prevention. Partners from CZ, BUL, CRO and SWE, but also other countries contributed to the session. SANA should help countries to assess and describe current challenges as well as defining priorities for action, based on needs and actual resources available. The workshop was a valuable first step and contribution towards strengthening the EU-wide-network of partners as well as creating common ground for systematic suicide prevention work in the countries. 

WP6 First workshop summary