WP6 kick-off meeting

WP6 kick-off meeting: REPORT

The WP6 kick-off meeting was held on December 7th in online form, and it was coordinated by the Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (GÖG) from Austria, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIHM) from Czech Republic.

The aim of the meeting was:

  • To get to know each other: persons/organisations/country teams
  • To obtain a first overview over the status of suicide prevention in participating countries
  • To learn about best practice SUPRA and Czech experience in situation and needs analysis (SANA)
  • To obtain an overview of Joint Action ImpleMENTAL incl. the different work packages with special focus on linkages to WP6
  • To gain an overview of WP 6 “Suicide Prevention” and find out more about first steps
  • To find out more about first ideas for structures and principles for cooperation, discuss these further
  • To get a clear idea of next steps and events/dates

The WP6 kick-off meeting started with the welcome and introduction part, followed by getting to know the participants and expressing their expectations. After that, results from the brief questionnaire sent prior the meeting were presented and country representatives shortly said something about current situation about the suicide prevention in their countries.

In the central part of the meeting Austrian SUPRA practice and Czechia’s SANA (Situation Analysis and Needs Assessment) experience were presented, followed by inputs/reflections of other work packages.

In the last part of the meeting, future collaboration, its principles and terms were presented, and dates for the next workshop were discussed. The meeting was concluded with some main results and highlights summary.

The most important conclusions:

  • Member states and project partner countries are not uniform in terms of suicide prevention (not all have established prevention policies, strategic plans or developed prevention activities, and some have considerable experience with suicide prevention strategy)
  • All partners have high expectations – to learn from each other, to receive information, to cooperate, to use Joint Action to promote change in the own country/environment
  • There is an additional need and urgency but also opportunities through COVID-19-pandemic
  • All partners are highly motivated

Figure 1. Broad overview of Czech experience with SANA

Next steps:

  • Preparatory work (national/regional working group and advisory board establishment and two Workshops organisation)
  • Situation Analysis and Needs Assessment (situation analysis, needs assessment, 3rd Workshop organisation and compilation of country profiles)
  • Development of national regional suicide prevention strategies and pilot implementations
  • Compilation of SUPRA handbook (4th Workshop)
  • Training and capacity building

+ Continuous support and capacity building, as well as performing cross-cutting tasks (Obtain political commitment; Increase awareness address stigma; Exchange and learning between participating countries).

About JA ImpleMENTAL More details on JA ImpleMENTAL will be available on the website of the JA https://ja-implemental.eu/about/

WP6 kick-off meeting: REPORT