WP6 Second Workshop

A second workshop on suicide prevention of the JA ImpleMENTAL was held on 5th of May 2022.

The workshop focussed on the Situation and Needs Analysis (SANA), which all countries participating in the JA Work Package 6 „Suicide Prevention“ will undertake shortly.

The SANA is a key process within this JA, its results provide the basis for the development of national/regional suicide prevention strategies.

It should help countries to assess and describe current challenges as well as defining priorities for action, based on needs and actual resources available in their respecitve environment.

About 50 participants from 16 partner countries discussed a draft SANA-questionnaire introduced by Alexandr Kasal from the National Institute of Mental Health in Czechia, exchanging thoughts on proposed indicators.

Discussions in parallel sessions as well as in plenary proved a very effective way of co-creating a tool useful for all participating countries.

Exchange and feedback provided focused on data availability at national/regional level, standardization of data sources, completeness of the questionnaire as well as identification of specific requirements of the countries regarding data collection and analysis.

Apart from being a crucial step to harmonize efforts towards SANA across countries, the workshop furthermore strengthened the EU-wide-network of partners in suicide prevention.

WP6 Workshop2 summary